Aesthetic enhancement

Dragonskal is a new solution for combining fire insulation with the cold, elegant appearance of the mineral.


Creativity and aesthetics are present in most constructions.They are often elements that identify, appropriate and differentiate.

Created by designers, architects and other artists, these aspects are often the identity of the project.

For many designers (ventilation, insulation, installers) or constructors (shipyards, aviation, rail), technical and aesthetic symbiosis is no small matter.

Dragonskal, fire protection of the building
Dragonskal, aesthetic fire protection of houses and flat
Dragonskal, aesthetic fire protection for boat & ship

Applications and use

Renovating a building, building a car park, constructing a tunnel, the deck of a boat or a train corridor are all topics to be considered as much as finishes (textures, colors, varnishes) are to be imagined.

Dragonskal, aesthetic fire protection for hotel bathroom