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Firewall Panels

Certified A1/M0 and EI/120 in 40 mm thickness, Dragonskal’s 2 hours firewall panels combine fire resistance and aestheticism. This means that they provide thermal insulation and comply with regulations, namely a temperature of less than 140 °C on the opposite side than the one exposed to a 1000°C flame.

Laboratory tests indicate a fire insulation of 2 hours in 40 mm thickness. We have the EI/120 certification from the laboratory control “Efectis”.

Depending on your project’s constraints – mechanical strength, implementation, thickness or aspects – you’ll find the corresponding Dragonskal’s panel.

The standard format for the firewall panels is 2500 x 1200 mm.

Through their aesthetic aspects and their technical functions, Dragonskal’s panels could be complexed with various materials in the form of a “sandwich” solution in order to finalize a creation or to protect a structure.

Despite their attractive natural appearance, Dragonskal’s panels may be shaped to embrace aesthetic aspects (wood, marble, metal sheets texture). It provides you benefits in productivity and performance.

Multiple size's choice for your Dragonskal panels

Main benefits


Impressive resistance, insulation and mechanical strength when exposed to fire.



Fire insulation with a slim profile



Technical and aesthetic, Dragonskal reduces the number of application steps.



It can be associated with numerous materials and systems and completed with surface treatments




Technical characteristics

At 40 mm, exposed to fire, Dragonskal’s firewall panels ensure:


arrowthermal insulation


arrowa flame shield function


arrowmechanical strength


arrowno release of VOCs


arrowno burning drops


arrowno smoke


arrowno temperature increase


Testing of Dragonskal firewall panels


If you would like more technical data (density, lambda, etc.), discover the results of our various tests, address modes of implementation (machining, installation, strength) touch the material or share one of your issues: contact us.


Depending on the application, various additional tests on our fire characterizations and those specific to your job should be conducted to ensure the correct response to your specifications (requirements in terms of UV, vibration, shock resistance, etc.)