Aesthetic finish

Dragonskal’s visual aspects can be customized, but it’s fire protection properties, A1/M0 flame-shield, EI/120 firewall and mechanical strength are always maintained.

The Design version of our panels offers various finishes to allow a technical performance that integrates with aesthetic environments and serves the creative and architectural requirements relating to the project.

Our processes allow you to customize the panel’s appearance. New references are created according to the applications and customer’s requirements.

Colored your plans and texture the finish

Colored your plans

The sheets are mass-colored to insure integrity of the support in case of impact, sanding, or every implementation. True to its mineral dimension, the colors panel is created on a selection of mineral pigments.

Colored your plans with Dragonskal

Texture the finish

Thanks to a work in our production tools, we can give to the sheets every appearance you want, in a cosmetic perspective or in a utilization usage (anti-slip, …).

Texture the finish with Dragonskal