Securing sensitive areas

Many facilities and activities are dependent on the use of particularly dangerous materials,  fluids or practices. Performances of Dragonskal in fire protection can be used to secure these sensitive areas.


Others have identified crucial points of structural weaknesses. To protect these spaces from the risk of fire is not just a priority but an absolute necessity.


Think of laboratories, machine rooms of ships, oil platforms, engine rooms or simply the kitchens of a restaurant.


Each application must meet increasingly stringent functional and regulatory requirements, whatever the industry (construction, rail, maritime or aviation).


Dragonskal (flame shield and firewall) is a new solution. Integrate it into your creations and achieve greater performance and safety.


Dragonskal fire protection panel for laboratories
Dragonskal fire protection panel for restaurant's kitchen
Dragonskal fire protection panel for aircrafts

Dragonskal (flame shield and firewall)

Dragonskal’s potential, due to its fire characteristics and its aesthetic attributes and customization possibilities, opens up the scope of possibilities, including not only using the panels but also combining them with other materials such as furniture (of the control room of a nuclear plant) or transport crates (for explosives or documents).

Dragonskal fire protection panel for oil platforms