Dragonskal is a new 100% mineral matrix composite material which main property is fire protection (A1/M0 – EI/120).This new solution can be integrated into existing products or systems.

Like Gore-Tex ®, Dragonskal fits into your project by providing a “fire protection” function as well as an aesthetic finish.

It can be used in all projects where fire protection is an issue (construction, aviation, railway, maritime, etc.) Dragonskal offers “noncombustible” and “firewall” certifications and relies on your specific approval.


Two types of applications allow Dragonskal’s performance to be associated with your projects :

Modular composite

The Dragonskal matrix may be reformulated according to your specifications to design a tailor-made solution.


With a standard format of 2500 x 1200 mm, ready to use or to cut according to your project specifications (ducts,  walls etc.), Dragonskal panels ensure high fire protection.

Dragonskal panel


By its nature, a 100% mineral matrix, Dragonskal is good for the environment. It’s non-petroleum base, offers a very good durability and may be recycled without special precautions in waste collection centers as inert waste.


If you would like more technical data (density, lambda, etc.), discover the results of our various tests, address modes of implementation (machining, installation, strength) touch the material or share one of your issues : contact us.

Depending on the application, various additional tests on our fire characterizations and those specific to your job should be conducted to ensure the correct response to your specifications (requirements in terms of UV, vibration, shock resistance, etc.)