Your safety, our priority

Your safety, our priority

The result of scientific research, Dragonskal® is a new composite solution with a 100% mineral matrix dedicated to fire protection.

Developed and manufactured in France, Dragonskal® products are marketed in the form of premixes or ready to use panels (flame shield and firewall). Dragonskal® illustrates innovation made in France and constitutes a real shield against fire to fit out and secure all types of structures and spaces.

Intended for all concerned in need of a solution to a fire risk, Dragonskal®
products adapt perfectly to your needs.adapt perfectly to your needs.

Depending on the requirements of your project, we can adapt Dragonskal®  panels to provide you with the expected performance.

Size, thickness, visual appearance, process or resistance, plus many more.  Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project !


A friendly family business

A Rhône-Alpes company set up by Frédéric Jullien, Svara® invests in research and development in order to offer a wide range of passive solutions against fire under the Dragonskal® brand.

Firmly established in its territory, Svara® favors the proximity of its supplies of raw materials and carries strong values which are the foundation of the company.

Humility, tenacity and solidarity are the key words within Svara®.

Humility: At Svara® humility is key to achieving excellence. We strive to take into account the points of view of each employee, client, and all concerned, whilst encouraging a learning culture.

Tenacity: We are convinced that our daily motivation and determination are the key to the success of our project.

Solidarity: For Svara®, mutual aid and solidarity are essential to the commitment and well-being of all.

Development of the concept

It all started in 2009, when the Rhône-Alpes company Svara® met the LGCIE (Laboratory of Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering) of INSA Lyon.

Strongly affected by the tragic accident in the Mont-Blanc tunnel, the Svara® company and INSA researchers decided to take up the challenge of developing a new generation solution to deal with fire risk.

Behind this project, a strong ambition: to offer a product that would limit the spread of a fire and allow the public to evacuate without any toxicity problem.

This is how, after several years of close collaboration between Svara® and INSA researchers, Dragonskal® was born. A new solution for passive fire protection. A 100% mineral composite that does not ignite, emits no smoke or flaming droplets and offers good mechanical resistance.


A suitable response

Made to measure

Depending on your projects, Dragonskal® products adapt to your needs to provide creative and architectural choices.

To save you time and reduce costs and waste, customisable formats are available upon request. You buy only what is necessary, nothing is wasted!

The customisation of Dragonskal® fire protection panels is also expressed through a wide choice of finishes, colourings and treatments that combine technical and aesthetic performance.

Colour your projects

In order to ensure the durability of the colour in the event of an impact, sanding, or any other accident due to application our panels are painted or deep-dyed. In keeping with its mineral dimension the colour palette is based on a selection of mineral pigments, where your imagination is the only limit.

Textured finishes

All panels can be given any aspect you desire, from either an aesthetic point of view or for specific requirements (anti-slip, etc.). Browse the examples below and let us know your wishes and needs for a specific effect.

Available colours

Available textures


Beyond innovation and tailor-made products, at Dragonskal we want to develop a real partnership with our customers.

By offering the sale of our Premix and the production license for the panels, we help you to produce your own fire protection solution.

Either by applying the Premix on your materials to protect them or by producing your own flame shield or firewall panels yourself. Whether for very specific or standard applications, we accompany you from the early stage of reflection up to the complete start of your production.

 This is the true Dragonskal partnership.

PV et certifications

Nos produits ont été testés par des essais conventionnels caractérisant le comportement au feu. Ceux-ci nous ont permis d’obtenir plusieurs procès-verbaux tels que :

  • Un PV pour l’application contre cloison
  • Un PV pour les gaines de désenfumage
  • Un PV pour les gaines de ventilation
  • Un PV pour les panneaux Pare-Flamme

Nous avons obtenu la certification A1/M0 par le CREPIM pour nos panneaux Pare-Flamme dès 3 mm d’épaisseur. Ainsi que la certification EI120 par le laboratoire d’essais EFECTIS pour nos panneaux Coupe-Feu.

Official reports

Download below all official reports obtained by Dragonskal®​

A report for the smoke extraction ducts

A report for the application dry wall partition

A report for the flame sheild panels