Warehouse fire protection is a major challenge for companies.

In addition to the goods, many elements can promote the spread of fire in a warehouse. The use of Dragonskal® fire shield panels in partition cladding makes it possible to compartmentalise the premises and thus prevent the spread of fire.



Passive fire protection is now mandatory for public buildings and high-rise buildings.

Perfectly suited for the creation of dry wall partitions or the installation of smoke extraction or ventilation ducts, Dragonskal® firewall panels make it possible to contain the fire as well as preventing it spreading.

Thus ensuring the safety and evacuation of the occupants.


Dragonskal® also constitutes an excellent thermal insulation solution for passive fire protection in the heavy industry sector.

The handling and storage of highly flammable liquids involves very high fire risks.

Dragonskal® products thus provide protection against damage caused by fire and ensure the safety of personnel.


Buses, cruise ships, trains… Today all modes of transport receiving  passengers are subject to strict legislation. This includes not only the use and maintenance of the transport, but also the construction and manufacturing materials.

Thanks to its 100% mineral composition and non-combustible properties, Dragonskal® constitutes an excellent solution for the passive protection of passengers against fires.

Drangonskal® panels are very thin and thus perfectly suited for making cabins, walls, decks, interior trim, partitions, fire doors, engine rooms, etc.