Wall protection

Wall protection

Dragonskal® wall protection is an insulation panel made from a natural 100% mineral binder. With a weight of 8.5 kg, Dragonskal® wall protection panels are the lightest on the market today.

Installed behind a wood or pellet stove, our protection panels protect walls exposed to heat and / or flames.

In addition to preserving the integrity of your walls due to perfect insulation, Dragonskal® wall protection panels adapt perfectly to any type of interior thanks to our wide choice of finishes.

Certified M0/A1 by the Crepim organisation, our insulation panels comply with DTU 24-2 regulations and withstand temperatures up to 400°C without degrading.





100% mineral

Standard size

800×1200 mm


Dragonskal® wall protection advantageously replaces steel sheets.

Modern and trendy wood effect.

The panels are available in 4 colours: Carbon, Sand, Terracotta or White.

Official reports

Download below all official reports obtained by Dragonskal®​

A report for the smoke extraction ducts

A report for the application dry wall partition

A report for the flame sheild panels