How to install our panels ?

Dragonskal® panels must be fixed to frames made from galvanised sheet steel     U shaped sections, 28 x 48 x 28 mm in dimension. These are  fixed to the concrete support wall with steel screws Ø 5 x 25 mm (FISCHER) and nylon rawlplugs, spaced at 300 mm intervals. The successive sections are attached to each other.

The vertical edges and uprights are made of thick galvanised sheet steel                C-shaped sections, 36 x 46.5 x 34 mm in dimension. The edge on the fixed edge side is screwed to the support wall with steel screws Ø 5 x 25 mm (FISCHER)    and nylon rawlplugs, spaced at a maximum pitch of 300 mm.                                 The uprights are spaced at 600 mm intervals.

The upright placed where two vertical panels join is doubled and the sections      are fixed together back to back by steel screws Ø 3.5 x 45 mm, spaced at 600 mm intervals. Each upright is mounted in abutment in the top and bottom rails and       is screwed into them with steel screws. These rails are mounted in abutment     into the support wall.

How can our panels be cutout/cut and machined ?

Cutting our firewall and flame shield panels is simple and can be done with great precision thanks to the different types of saws available on the market.

The composite nature of our panels ensures excellent screwability, both in terms of tightening and resistance to tearing. Depending on your uses, other operations can be carried out with comfort such as drilling, engraving, or sanding.

Can Dragonskal® panels be painted?

To meet aesthetic requirements, Dragonskal® panels can be painted or deep-dyed or given a finishing texture. For this, we work with mineral pigments to maintain the incombustible property of our panels.

You can also choose to paint your Dragonskal® panels, however we recommend that you use a fire retardant paint so as not to compromise the non-flammable properties of our panels.

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