Flame shield

Flame shield

Certified A1 according to Euroclasses, M0 in the old French system, the Dragonskal® flame-proof panel is a composite material dedicated to passive protection against fire.

Totally incombustible, Dragonskal® flame shield panels provide fire protection from as thin as 3 mm for minimum hinderance, no release of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), no release of flaming droplets or smoke in addition to high mechanical resistance against flames.

Dragonskal® flame shield panels can be screwed or laminated to a wide variety of substrates or combined with other materials as part of a “sandwich” solution.


Fire protection from as thin as 3 mm for minimum hinderance

100% mineral

Standard size

800 x 1200 mm


Dragonskal® flame shield panels can be manufactured in different colours to meet aesthetic requirements. Do not hesitate to contact our teams to find out more. 

Examples of available colours

Made to measure

Depending on the requirements of your project, we can adapt Dragonskal®  panels to provide you with the expected performance. Size, thickness, visual appearance, process or resistance, everything can be considered.

Please contact your sales representative or send us a request to contact@dragonskal.com.

Subject to a minimum number of orders and acceptance by our production department.

Official reports

Download below all official reports obtained by Dragonskal®​

A report for the smoke extraction ducts

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A report for the flame sheild panels