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In order to certify the fire performance of our products, they have been tested by conventional fire reaction and resistance tests. 

Allowing us to obtain several official reports such as:

We have thus obtained A1/M0 certification from CREPIM for our flame shield panels from as thin as 1 mm thick.

And also the EI120 certification by the EFECTIS test laboratory for our firewall panels.

Dragonskal® panels are classified as non-hazardous within the meaning of Directive 67/548/EEC or Directive 1999/45/EC. However, their handling and machining (drilling, sawing, sanding, etc.) can lead to dust emissions in the air, in particular quartz dust.

 We advise you to wear a cartridge breathing mask during machining and to respect the limitation values ​​for exposure to quartz dust.

You are also advised to wear gloves and goggles to protect yourself against mechanical accidents.

Consult our Firewall and Flame shield Safety Data Sheets

For more information on the safety standards to be observed when handling and machining our products, consult our Firewall and Flame shield Safety Data Sheets.


Dragonskal® panels are available in two standard sizes: 2500×1200 mm or 800X1200mm

However, depending on your requirements, we can produce panel sizes adapted to your projects.

This way you avoid unnecessary cuts. The key is saving time and reducing your costs and waste.

Buy only the size you need, nothing is wasted !

In order to reduce our environmental impact, Dragonskal® panels have been designed using 100% mineral materials. Our products offer excellent durability and we are currently working on obtaining their classification as inert waste.

The minimum order quantity for Dragonskal® products is one pallet. However, if you have particular requirements, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it with one of our advisors.

To ensure a precise and clean assembly of Dragonskal® panels, we recommend the use of Dragonskal® GLUE. Made from silicates,  Dragonskal® jointing glue is non-combustible and provides passive protection against fire.

 To assemble, spread Dragonskal® GLUE on the edges of the Dragonskal® panel. Bonding surfaces must be solid, dry, free of dust and grease.    The application of the product must only be done on a bonding surface. The complete adhesion of the glue takes place after several hours.

Dragonskal® panels must be fixed to frames made from galvanised sheet steel U shaped sections, 28 x 48 x 28 mm in dimension. These are  fixed to the concrete support wall with steel screws Ø 5 x 25 mm (FISCHER) and nylon rawlplugs, spaced at 300 mm intervals. The successive sections are attached to each other.

The vertical edges and uprights are made of thick galvanised sheet steel C-shaped sections, 36 x 46.5 x 34 mm in dimension. The edge on the fixed edge side is screwed to the support wall with steel screws Ø 5 x 25 mm (FISCHER) and nylon rawlplugs, spaced at a maximum pitch of 300 mm. The uprights are spaced at 600 mm intervals.

The upright placed where two vertical panels join is doubled and the sections are fixed together back to back with steel screws Ø 3.5 x 45 mm, spaced at   600 mm intervals. Each upright is mounted in abutment in the top and bottom rails and is screwed into them with steel screws. These rails  are mounted in abutment into the support wall.